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Intimate Spring Wedding at Stanley Park Pavilion // Hilary & Chris

Hilary and Chris host their intimate spring wedding at one of Vancouver's most iconic wedding venues, Stanley Park Pavilion // Victoria Wedding Photographers

It's iconic, it's romantic, it's timeless, it's subtly grand. Stanley Park Pavilion is one of Vancouver's most recognizable and desirable wedding venues. Plunked in the middle of Stanley Park in downtown, it feels like a remote destination. It's no wonder that Hilary and Chris wanted this gorgeous property to host their classic wedding. 

Hilary and Chris started for their day at Westin Bayshore, with views of downtown, Burrard Inlet, the North Shore mountains and Stanley Park.  After a sweet first look, we ventured over to Stanley Park, where Chris proposed, for photos before their intimate, indoor, standing ceremony by the pavilion's beautiful fireplace.  After the vows were exchanged, and the champagne popped, it was time to party!  A very special musical performance kicked off the celebration, followed by dinner and speeches and a whole lot of dancing!

Thank you Hilary and Chris for having us there to celebrate with you! We hope you love the photos! 

Thank you to our second shooter, Laura Scotten for your help that evening!

Rocky Point Park Engagement Photos in Port Moody // Nicole and Brad

Nicole and Brad grab coffees at Creekside Coffee Factory and take a stroll at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We always love photographing engagement sessions because it gives us an opportunity to capture something a couple really loves to do, and give a sneak peek into their dynamic and story.  A lot of our couples like to head straight for the woods and the beaches because that's where a lot of BC folk spend much of their free time!  And we do love our free time!  When Brad and Nicole suggested they'd like to grab some coffees before heading out for a stroll, we were immediately excited to try something new. We started our morning out by meeting Brad and Nicole at Creekside Coffee in Coquitlam, to get our fill of coffee and flirty cuddles.  These two were all giggles as we snapped photos of them and their yummy lattes, chatted about their wedding plans, and talked about their newly adopted pup!  After we were all caffeinated up, we hit the dock to continue some photos and admire the mist covered mountains and cloud blanketed skies.

Thanks Nicole and Brad for a sunday funday of photos! We can't wait for your 2018 wedding at Hearthstone Brewery!

Foggy, Rainy, Puppy-y Engagement Photos at Mount Douglas // Melanie and Matt

Melanie, Matt and their puppy Nova explore Mount Doug in Victoria during their rainy engagement session // Victoria Wedding Photographers

With Melanie and Matt's December wedding fast approaching, we were so happy to hear they had a bit of time to take for themselves to visit friends in Victoria!  What a perfect opportunity for us to do some engagement photos with them, and meet their sweet puppy, Nova.  Having photographed at Mount Doug in the summer, we thought it would a great place to go with Melanie and Matt. We daydreamed about sunkissed autumn leaves trees at the base of the mountain, and miles and miles of stunning views at the top, that they could experience as out-of-towners.  Well, everything works in theory! Ha ha ha! The fog and mist rolled in creating a very dramatic atmosphere around the whole mountain, which was pretty amazing to take in. We were pretty excited for the images it would create.  The rain followed shortly after; starting up the second we took the lens caps off our cameras.  Being outdoor wedding photographers on Vancouver Island's wet coast, we've gotten comfortable working in all types of weather, but we were so glad to see how easily and enthusiastically Matt and Melanie embraced the rain and fog!  They were all laughs and giggles as their puppy dashed through puddles, and as their clothes became drenched in rain drops.  Even with the dense fog at the top of the mountain, we were still able to take in some spectacular views as tree tops and hills jutted out here and there through the mist. It created an isolated feeling, blanket-like atmosphere: perfect for enjoying some cuddles under their umbrella together!

Thanks Melanie and Matt for dancing and skipping in the rain with us, and bringing silly sweet Nova along for us to meet.  We're excited for the wedding!



Gambier Island Wedding at Camp Fircom - Katrina and Brian

Katrina and Brian Get Married at Camp Fircom on Gambier Island during a weekend away with family and friends // BC Wedding Photographers

Summer is camping and hiking, and swimming and canoeing and paddleboarding season. Summer is also our busy season, so needless to say, we've started to embrace many more winter activities since we miss out on camping during camping's peak season. SO when Katrina and Brian told us that they were going to be having their wedding at Camp Fircom, and that all their guests would be spending the weekend there, we lost our crackers.  How fun is that?! 

When we first met with Katrina and Brian it was quickly determined they were outdoorsy and adventurous.  They also have these infectious smiles, and warm inviting personalities.  A camp wedding surrounded by close friends and family was such a perfect way for this couple to say their "I Do's", and we were really excited to be there for it.  Not only did Katrina and Brian make their wedding personal by hosting their guests at this remote location, but they also made their own rings!  The two of them travelled to Washington to craft their wedding bands with the help of the gang at With These Rings

With a weekend of events, activities and dinners with their guests, Katrina and Brian hosted a heck of a wedding.  All of their guests travelled from the east, the south, and overseas to be their with them, which made it even more special to be part of.

Congratulations you two!

Thanks Katrina and Brian for having us there, we hope you love the photos!

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Backyard Wedding in Maple Ridge - Kara Lynn and Kirby

Kara-Lynn and Kirby Get Married on Family Property in Maple Ridge // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

We met Kara-Lynn and Kirby over a year ago, and we had a blast with them during their engagement shoot. We could not wait until this year to come from Victoria to photograph their outdoor wedding in Maple Ridge.

We think it's really special when a couple can get married in a place that is personal to them, so a family member's gorgeous country property was such a great place for these two to exchange their vows.  

After the rings were put on and the papers were signed, we hopped in the limo bus with their bridal party and took off to a farm a few roads over.  Kara had driven past this gorgeous red barn every day, and just knew in her heart she wanted her wedding photos done there.  We think we'll have to hire her as a part time location scout, because that farm was fab! 

When we returned to the reception in time for dinner we sat in on speeches, toasts and a wonderfully heartfelt video crafted by a dear friend.  We loved how sentimental, open, honest and welcoming they and their friends and family were the whole day.  It was a very touching wedding... one that had us clutching for our heartstrings. 

Thank you kara-Lynn and Kirby for letting us be flies on the wall at your beautiful wedding! 

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Furry Creek Wedding - Kim and Kyl

Kim and Kyl Get Married in the Rain at Furry Creek Near Squamish // BC Wedding Photographers

When you live on Vancouver Island, and anywhere along the coasts of BC, much of your life is impacted by the ocean, the forests, the mountains.  It goes without saying that west coast couples love to incorporate those elements into one of the most special days in their life.  Kim and Kyl were definitely one of those couples, and found a venue that emulated all aspects.  Furry Creek Golf Course is perched on the side of a forest covered mountain, and its reach stretches all the way down to the waters of Howe Sound.  We couldn't wait to spend the day with Kim and Kyl, their guests, to watch as they exchange their vows, and explore the golf course!

On any given saturday Furry Creek would be packed with enthusiastic golfers, but as luck would have it, those famous west coast rains kept the golfers away.  Kim, Kyl and their guests had the entire venue to themselves, giving their wedding an exclusively intimate feeling.

A very special thanks to Kim and Kyl for trekking around the whole golf course, in the rain, the get all the great portraits that day! We hope you love the photos! 


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Fort Langley Engagement Session - Ming and Kim

Ming and Kim Explore Fort Langley During Their Engagement Session // Victoria Wedding Photographers

On the day of Ming & Kim's engagement shoot, dark clouds were hovering over the Vancouver area, threatening to downpour at any moment.  And downpour it did!  But only in pockets.  We somehow managed to avoid the rain throughout their whole shoot even though it rained just before and just after.  Talk about perfect! 

We had a great time wandering around Fort Langley area together.  Joining us for a few shots was their cute little pup, Olive.  Ming & Kim were naturals in front of the camera, and Fort Langley made a beautiful backdrop to their shoot.  The rainy day meant it was relatively private, with few people around, and we were free to create to our our hearts' content!

We can't wait to shoot their wedding in September!  Check out all the images from their shoot below.