Surprise Proposal on Grouse Mountain - Elizabeth and Trevor

We Photograph a Secret Surprise Proposal on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

If you follow our work, and read our blogs, you know how excited we get to do something spontaneous, photograph outdoors, and capture bonafide genuine moments and emotions. So when you read this blog, you'll know that this is quickly becoming one of our favourite events to photograph!

We got a call from Trevor, who was planning to propose the following day, to his girlfriend Elizabeth, on the top of Grouse Mountain, and was wondering if  we'd be up for shooting it.  Incognito.  So......photograph a surprise proposal, on the top of the mountain, and we also get to pretend to be spies? Yes! Yes! Obviously, yes!

Up the gondola we went, feeling mischievous, and finding secret hiding spots.  Matt found a perfect spot tucked in the trees, behind a snow pile, so that he'd get a great closeups of Elizabeth's expression when Trevor popped the question.  Sayde found her spot on a hill behind some trees to photograph the scene as it played out below.  After making sure we were totally camouflaged, Matt texted Trevor the "OK", and Trevor's plan went into play.

We tried not to giggle with excitement (like kids playing hide-and-seek) as we watched Trevor lead Elizabeth around the skating rink, and towards the groomer-pulled sleigh, grabbing a seat near the front. The sleigh took off on its route around the peak, to return about 10 minutes later, passing directly by Sayde is it did.

Then, as the sleigh pulled to a stop and it's passengers climbed out, Trevor stopped Elizabeth and proposed. To which, a very smiley Elizabeth said yes! *Spoiler Alert* After a few minutes to revel in the moment, the two of them wandered off into the trees to enjoy the twinkle lights and call loved ones with the news, smiling nonstop.

Thanks so much to Trevor for inviting us out to do this special photo shoot, and congrats to you and Elizabeth. We hope you love the photos!

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