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Hawai'i Vacation Scrapbook - Wedding Photographers do Maui!

Mahalo!  We are back from our vacation in Maui!  No, this holiday was not to shoot a wedding, or landscapes, or our honeymoon. This holiday was for disconnecting, and spending some time with family, to celebrate Matt's father, Brad's, 60th birthday.  We're thankful that we get to travel so much for weddings and photoshoots, and we've seen a lot of incredible places as a result, much of our travelling lately has just been to get to know our new turf on Vancouver Island.  So, some down time with the Neumann side of the family was going to be an awesome, and different, type of trip for us.  We had been excited for this trip for eons it felt like: and just like that, it came, and was over before we could even raise our cameras to take photos.  The best part about this trip in particular was leaving the cameras in the bags, and getting to spend quality time with family members.  As you can imagine, in the busy wedding season, we often only get to see them when we are crashing in their spare rooms so that we can be close to the wedding we're shooting the next day.  Some of the best parts of the trip weren't the grand adventures, but just hanging by the pool with them until after sunset, playing jenga around the dinner table until everyone was too exhausted to carry on. 

We've put together a little scrapbook blog of photos just to show you some of the things we saw and did: lots of sunsets by the pool, trekking up the Haleakala volcanic crater, driving the windy and lush Road to Hana, snorkelling all over Maui (we didn't see sea turtles, but saw so many huma-huma-nuku-nuku-apuaa), waterfall hiking, whale watching, watching surfers, and trying to keep Matt's porcelain skin from burning to a crisp.   He also took the opportunity to work on his vacation beard, which seems to have also traversed the Pacific Ocean and is currently resisting his razor's edge as we make our way back into our normal routine.  

Enjoy the photos! 

Matt and Sayde's Cheakamus Centre Wedding in Squamish - Our Own!

You’ve seen our proposal photos and read the story, so now it’s time to show you some photos from our September wedding!

What a funny feeling, being wedding photographers planning your own wedding.  We did everything with photographers' eyes, and when looking at venues and vendors, we saw everything as images.  As wedding photographers, we’ve noticed a huge change in the way weddings are done, generation to generation.  Weddings were once bound by tradition, and these days they are more an event of self-expression, and a way to commemorate and celebrate a couple’s personality, lifestyle, and history.  After photographing so many unique and interesting couples, we wanted our wedding to be a reflection of ourselves as well.  Our relationship was built on exploring BC together, hiking the landscapes, and photographing all over the province. It was important for our wedding to really show that part of us and our life together.  We wanted our wedding to have a very outdoorsy feel without being bo-ho in style.  We aimed for a refined PNW feel, blues to mirror the waters we love, greens for the forests, and metallics to bring in some modern glitz.

With their contemporary glass and wood building plunked in the middle of lush moss and fern carpeted rainforest, perched on the edge of the turquoise waters of the river of the same name, Cheakamus Centre in Squamish offered us that environment and feel.  My mom (and her wrangled gang of family members and friends) decorated the whole place to bring the outdoors indoors.  Ferns, peonies, roses, and metallic votives and charger plates, complemented with hand-calligraphy name cards made by Matt’s mom.  Many of the details of our wedding were pulled together by the help of our friends and family.

We headed to Squamish from Vancouver Island a few days before the wedding.  It had been sunny all week leading up to the wedding, and rained buckets the day before.   For those on the west coast, you know that’s the perfect combination for creating dramatic and beautiful days. The day of the wedding we woke up to skies that were clouded and sunny at the same time, and mist billowing up from the pine covered mountains. 

As Matt and his guys headed over to Cheakamus centre to get ready, me and the girls got dolled up by Faye Smith and her awesome team.  Having developed alopecia universalis during our wedding planning (a condition that affects the hair follicles, and causes hair to fall out), it felt so nice to have my wig styled, make up done, and eyelashes donned by Faye!  I felt like myself on my wedding day, and that was so important to me. 

From there, the day unfolded on its own and we had a blast with our friends and family. Many of them came from far and wide, and some even made holidays of it by travelling to Vancouver Island, visiting Tofino, Victoria and Sooke, while others adventured around Whistler, Vancouver and Pemberton.  Check out some of the photos below, which were taken by the incredible team Amy, Tony, and Lindsey at Hoffer Photography who came all the way from Philadelphia!

Some of our vendors:

Photography: Hoffer Photography

Venue: Cheakamus Centre
Hair and Makeup: Faye Smith
DJ: Painted Frog Entertainment
Matt's Suit: The Bay
Matt's Tie: Beaux Ties
Sayde's Dress: Lisa's Bridal
Sayde's Second Dress: Jenny Yoo
Gold Headband: Twigs and Honey
Decor:  Melanie B Floral Designs (thanks Mom!)

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Whistler Engagement Session - Kerri and Nik at Green Lake

Kerri and Nik's Wintery Engagement Session at Green Lake in Whistler // Victoria Wedding Photographers

It was a bright and sunny day.  Snow seemed to glow from the tops of Whistler’s Backcomb range, birds sang and darted about through crisp air, cedars towered at the edges of the ice-coated lake, couples smiled at each other as they walked hand in hand, and the magical sounds of Notorious B.I.G echoed out into the world from Nik’s Spotify playlist.  The tone was set for his and Kerri’s engagement session.

With a mid-summer wedding on the calendar, Kerri and Nik were keen to do their engagement photos during winter.  What better place than in Whistler to capture a snowy themed story.  We met on the edge of a lake in Whistler, surrounded by mountainous views, and walkable trails.  When Nik and Kerri first stepped out of their car, they pulled with them a bag full of HBC everything. Hats, mitts, they mentioned they also had scarves, but most wonderful of all was a very delicately folded, vintage Hudson Bay wool blanket.  Nik told us that this blanket meant so much to them; it is one of the very first purchases his grandmother made when she immigrated to Canada.  

We knew right away that our session with Kerri was going to be a delightful dichotomy of sentimentality and hilarity.  We were not disappointed.  We explored the edges of the lake together, taking equal break time to cuddle under their blanket, tumble around in the snow, enjoy a snowball battle, and of course, bust into song and dance when the best songs showed up on their aptly named, Engagement Session Playlist.  

Thanks Kerri and Nik for the laughs, and the stories. We can’t wait for the wedding!

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Nita Lake Lodge Wedding - Roxanne and Myles

Roxanne and Myles Winter Wedding at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler  //  Victoria Wedding Photographers

It's been a few years since we've been to Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler to shoot a wedding.  We were ecstatic to get up there, in the middle of winter, with Roxanne and Myles for their wedding.  During their engagement session we learned about their families, their friends, and heard so many great things about their little guy, Cohen, so we couldn't wait to travel from Victoria to meet everyone. 

The Nita Lake Lodge was a wintery dream when we arrived.  Bright sun glinting off curtains of icicles, snow piled high making a border around the lake's freshly shoved skating rink, fireplaces flickering away in Myles and Roxanne's respective 'getting ready' rooms.  Excitement, chatter, and cheers filled the rooms.  

We met for the first look on the skybridge near the lodge, with their bridal party looking on in excitement.  Whoops and cheers echoed down the tunneled bridge as Roxanne gave a quick look over her shoulder to smile at her son Cohen, before heading into the bridge to see Myles.  The girls in their glamourous gold dresses held lush Billie's bouquets, and the men dressed sharply in their navy suits, were accented by gold succulents on their boutonnieres.  With the soft afternoon light, snow, and evergreen trees, they all looked like they just stepped out of a bridal magazine.

After the first look, we flowed right into their outdoor ceremony, and intimate reception.  Emotional speeches, and a heartfelt video slideshow had everyone smiling or in tears (most were both), as everyone watched this wonderful family come together as one in marriage.  

Thank you so much Roxanne and Myles for having us there to be part of your day and capture your story.  We're still smiling about it! We hope you love the photos.

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Minoru Chapel and UBC Boathouse Wedding - Phil and Bernice

Phil and Bernice's Masquerade Wedding in Richmond  // BC Wedding Photographers

When we met Bernice and Phil, we talked a lot about their love of all things quirky and creative.  At their engagement session, they brought along their homemade Bomberman cosplay costume to get silly with.   It should come as no surprise that Bernice and Phil wanted to do something creative and unique for their wedding.

The day of their wedding came in the middle of a Vancouver snow storm. It was such a great time for us to visit from Vancouver Island - it was a winter wonderland!  A blanket of snow on the ground, and billowy snow hugging bare branches, a hedge garden sprinkled gently.  With the Minoru Chapel perched close by, it was a perfect scene for their first look. 

After a cozy and intimate ceremony, Bernice and Phil, their bridal party and guests headed over for a tea ceremony, and dinner at UBC Boathouse. 

As a special surprise for their guests, Phil and Bernice's evening had a masquerade theme.  During the reception Bernice, Phil and their guests guests all donned a colombina mask, enjoyed some live music, and dined by candlelight.  

Thank you to Bernice and Phil for having us along to enjoy your unique and wonderful wedding!

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Westwood Plateau and The Pear Tree Wedding - Inna and Kevin

Inna and Kevin's Intimate Elopement-Style Wedding in Burnaby // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

We're ringing in 2017 by doing some time travelling!  All the way back to 2016.  We have the technology!

Today we're reminiscing about that time we travelled from Victoria to Burnaby for Inna and Kevin's wedding at Westwood Plateau.   With the club closing for winter, Inna, Kevin and their dozen guests had the entire venue to themselves, and cozied into a window-filled room to exchange vows and rings. 

After the ceremony, we all headed to a place very special to Inna and Kevin, The Pear Tree Restaurant, in Burnaby.  Known for their fine dining experiences, the staff treated all its guests to a bouquet of courses: each innovative, intricate and flavourful.  After each delectable course, toasts, laughter, and vodka flowed through the room.

Thank you Inna and Kevin for having us there to celebrate your love with you and your loved ones!

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Whonnock Lake Lodge Wedding - Minna and Trevor

Minna and Trevor's Intimate Wedding at Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

Today we're sharing some of our favourites from Minna and Trevor's wedding at Whonnock Lake Centre.

We were so honoured to be there to capture Minna and Trevor's big day with them, and their family and friends.  For those of you who know what the Vancouver area is like in the winter, you know we get rain.  A lot of it.   With the rain pouring down the wall of windows of Whonnock Lake Centre, and the sun setting low into a nest of mist and cloud,  Minna and Trevor hosted one of the most intimate and cozy weddings we've had the pleasure of shooting.  Underneath a canopy of lanterns strung from the wood beams, they and their guests danced and drank the night away. What a celebration!  

Thank you Minna and Trevor for having us there to capture it.  Thanks for standing in the rain while we did some photography experimentations on you!  You're such great sports.

We hope you love the photos!

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Ming & Kim's Wedding at Cecil Green Park House in Vancouver

Hume Hotel Wedding in Nelson - Kristin and Ian

Kristin and Ian's Outdoor Nelson Wedding and Hume Reception // BC Wedding Photographers

From the minute we met Kristin and Ian, they treated us like family. They treat everyone like they've known them their whole lives.  They are so welcoming and easy to get to know, hilarious, and open. They radiated love and support for each other, so much so, that when we first met them, we just assumed they were already married - they weren't even engaged by then, and hadn't been dating all that long!  It was so refreshing and inspiring, we felt so honoured to be asked to be the ones to photograph their wedding.

It was so great to see them again in August when we travelled to Nelson to photograph their wedding.  It was laughs galore with these two!  We could hear the laughter booming down the hallways as we first arrived at the Hume hotel for bride and groom prep photos, and we're sure it rumbled into the night long after we left.

We loved capturing Kristin and Ian's wedding day, which was done totally their way with the help of the gang at Nelson's Florist. The whole event was embellished with bright purple, and accented with superhero motifs, even the cake. How fun!

Thanks Kristin and Ian for having us up to Nelson there to be part of your wedding, congratulations to you both!

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Golden Eagle Golf Course Wedding - Candy and Tim

Candy and Tim's Outdoor Wedding and Helicopter Ride at Golden Eagle Golf Course in Maple Ridge // BC Wedding Photographers

We had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at Golden Eagle Golf Course a couple years ago and really loved the experience.  When Candy and Tim approached us about their wedding this year, we were excited to come back from Victoria to capture it.  They seemed like a couple who was perfect for each other, and it would be so great to spend a day with them at such a neat place. 

We loved all the personal touches that Candy and Tim put into their wedding were really superb and cheeky.  Being pharmacists, Candy and Tim handed out large prescription bottles for their guests to 'fill' at their candy bar.  They also had all their guests fill out a prescription pad with marriage advice for them to read through in the future. 

With all the excitement of the day, it was nice for Candy and Tim to have a few minutes alone together, to step away from all their guests and absorb the day.  They did this by taking a helicopter ride to a remote riverbed in the forest, just the two of them... and Matt. While they were away, their guests enjoyed their time putt'ing around the greens and listening to Candy's sister play beautiful music on the guzheng. 

Upon their return, it was time for the celebrations, with amazing speeches and stories about the couple and their relationship, they finished off their evening with dancing and sparklers.

Thanks Candy and Tim for letting us be part of this special day! We hope you love the photos.