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A Sunny Next Day Wedding Portrait Session at Pitt Lake // Mel and Matt

Melanie and Matt explore Pitt Lake during their wedding portrait session in Pitt Meadows // Victoria Wedding Photographers

If you saw our blogs of Melanie and Matt's engagement session and wedding, you know how both featured Mel and Matt smiling and celebrating through some very heavy rain. West coast, wet coast!  Sure, it's fun to dance in the rain, but it's also nice to celebrate love in the sun and warmth.  When the opportunity came to do a portrait session with Mel and Matt again at Pitt lake in the summer, we jumped on it!  We loooove "next day shoots" (well, for Mel and Matt it was more of a "next season" shoot"), when the couple dresses up in their wedding attire and heads out for another portrait season.  It means we can spend time with them without the constraints of timeline, pressure to return to guests, and more freedom to pick days and times where the weather might be more favourable and the light is just right.  What a day we picked for Mel and Matt, the weather was the complete opposite, the location was just as gorgeous as their wedding location, and Mel and Matt were looking as stunning as ever!

Here are some of our favourites:

Hastings House Wedding on Salt Spring Island // Kim and Chris

Kim and Chris' gorgeous, hazy, outdoor Salt Spring Island Wedding at Hastings House // Victoria Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers on Vancouver Island, we love the opportunity to island hop to photograph our wonderful couples. We've photographed on Salt Spring Island a few years ago, and just couldn't wait for the opportunity to go back!   When Kim and Chris invited us to photograph their intimate outdoor wedding at Hastings House, we jumped through the ceiling!  

When their day arrived in August, we knew it was going to be a beautiful one. The skies were hazy with forest fire smoke, and glowing with rich orange light.  Anything the sun touched was painted gold and seemed to radiate with warmth. 

With what Kim and Chris had told us about their wedding, we knew it would be a memorable event as well.  Not only do Chris and Kim have amazing chemistry, and the uncanny ability to make each other and others laugh (and laugh often!), they also added many personal touches to make their wedding as intimate and meaningful as possible.  Hastings House happens to be the place where Kim's parents married almost two decades ago.  With Chris' parents coming all the way from Perth, Australia for the wedding, Kim also got Chris' brother to fly in from Hong Kong for the occasion... to surprise Chris a couple days before the wedding. Boom! Excuse us while our hearts explode.  Of course, the wedding wouldn't truly be a "Kim and Chris Wedding" if there weren't a ton of hilarity and quirkiness involved!  From the guys' custom Indochino suits with tropical liners, to Ice-ing their friends at dinner, and Kim Ice-ing Chris during the garter grab, our stomachs hurt from laughing.  We also have to give a very special VIP shout out to Kim's maid of honour, who spotted a bee in Kim's veil as she approached the altar.  Knowing that Kim is allergic to bees, she promptly grabbed the veil and shook out the bee so eagerly that she pulled it clean off her head, saving Kim from a potential epi-pen prick and a trip to the hospital, and effectively breaking the ice for the ceremony by causing an uproar of laughter from everyone! 

We've been so fortunate to photograph so many beautiful weddings of couples who are so deeply connected to each other, the people around them, and have an insatiable lust for life!  We're so grateful when they let it all show on their big day.

Thanks Kim and Chris for having us along to photograph your wedding, and capture all those amazing moments. We hope you love the photos. Here's just a few of our faves!

Milner Chapel & Centennial Lodge Wedding - Halyna and Jason

Halyna and Jason's Vintage-Inspired Wedding in New Westminster //  Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

Our first glimpse of Halyna was at back in January, at our booth in the “It’s My Wedding” Fair.  Along with her bridesmaids and mom in co-ordinating shirts, Halyna leapt into the photobooth to give it a whirl!  She probably wasn’t expecting to be the winner of our wedding giveaway at the time, but at the end of the weekend, we pulled her strip of photos out from our bucket of 200 entries!

When we got to sit down with Halyna and her fiance, Jason, we learned all about this beautiful blonde and handsome brit, their story, and their autumn wedding plans.

The Milner Chapel in Langley seemed a perfect place to host their ceremony, with the men in their suits, and Halyna in her romantic lace dress.  The cozy quaintness of the chapel created such a welcoming atmosphere for in-town, and out-of-town guests to congregate.   After that, it was off to Queens Park in New Westminster for some photos, and the reception. But first, was a quick stop at a British Pub for the gang to have some post-ceremony, pre-dinner cheers.

The reception was filled with clever kissing games, gorgeous homemade decorations, and of course, delicious food and shots of vodka. The speeches were all so touching and heartfelt, and the dancing was was! What a wedding!

Thanks so much to Halyna and Jason for having us there to be part of our day! Enjoy the photos!

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Pan Pacific Wedding in Downtown Vancouver - Justine and Devon

Justine and Devon's Rooftop Wedding at the Pan Pacific and Stanley Park in Vancouver // BC Wedding Photographers

If you follow our blog, you know we shoot a lot of weddings in remote locations which are often surrounded by trees, or overlooking the ocean, or have incredible mountain views.  The wonderful thing about Vancouver is that there are a lot of great venues to host weddings, where you can have all of the above!  When Justine and Devon told us their wedding would be downtown, on the rooftop patio of the Pan Pacific, visions of their wedding overlooking Stanley Park, the North Shore mountains, and the Burrard Inlet swam in our heads. This was an exciting adventure for us, because we got a taste of what shooting on the big glass jungle is like, at a venue that was perfectly suited for our city loving couple.

The warmth and sun were out in full swing for Justine and Devon’s wedding, which was perfectly fitting for their pool deck ceremony, and the forest of purple flowers that surrounded them and their guests. As Justine walked down the aisle, even the hotel guests stopped everything they were doing just to stand and stare at how beautiful she looked, mouths gapping open between claps of congratulations.

After a gorgeous ceremony the bride, groom and their dapper wedding party piled into the limo to jet off for photos. The first stop was a must-have photo at Justine’s favourite Vancouver store – Louis Vuitton.  Afterwards we ventured over to Stanley Park where the sun shone through freshly changing leaves, and light up the glass buildings in the city behind them.

After our trip to the park, we returned to the Pan Pacific to join family and friends for dinner, speeches and dancing – where Devon had a few hilarious tricks up his sleeve during the garter toss.

Hope you enjoy the photos! Congratulations to Justine and Devon.

Vendors we loved from Justine and Devon’s wedding:
Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel
Justine’s Dress: Martina Liana
Florals: Roa Designs

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Beach House Restaurant Wedding in Victoria - Tamara and Mike

Tamara and Mike's Sunny Outdoor Beach House Wedding on Vancouver Island // Victoria Wedding Photographers

When couples plan their summer wedding on a beach, they are usually dreaming of sunny days, warmth, gorgeous blue waters that stretch on forever, and being surrounded by friends and family who are excited to have a good time. That’s exactly what Tamara and Mike got on their big day. We all know how gorgeous Victoria can be in the summer time, and that's exactly the kind of wedding day they had. The sun couldn’t have been brighter, the weather couldn’t have been warmer, and the ocean in front of The Beach House Restaurant where they married, could not have been more breathtaking!  

Surrounded by their eager and excited wedding party, Mike and Tamara had their suspenseful and emotional first look on the rooftop of their hotel overlooking Victoria.  After that, we journeyed to a cliffside park for some gravity defying pre-ceremony photos on the rocky edges of the shore – special kudos to Tamara who gracefully maneuvered the cliffs in 6 inch heels!

Tamara and Mike’s beachfront lawn ceremony was followed immediately by a delicious summer dinner in The Beach House Restaurant just north of Victoria, hilarious speeches from friends, heartfelt stories from family, and of course, outrageous partying.

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Outdoor Rainforest Wedding in Kitimat BC - Kaylee and Travis

Kaylee and Travis Get Married in The Mossy Forest in Kitimat at Minette Bay // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We took a trip up to Kitimat, BC recently to visit Matt’s hometown roots, and to shoot two very beautiful weddings.  Kaylee and Travis were one of our couples that week, and their story is one we truly love.   Kaylee spied Travis for the first time while he was playing a gig with his band.  She told us that the minute she saw Travis’ cape dangling from his shoulders while he was up on stage, she knew he was someone she wanted to know.  It wasn’t a surprise that Travis’ outgoing personality would draw Kaylee’s attention, since she has been a long time lover of cosplay, and has an astonishing gift for creating costumes.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that Travis proposed to Kaylee, in costume, at an Anime Revolution convention.

On the day of the wedding, with the threatening rain, Kaylee and Travis were calm and casual.  The rain didn’t bother them, and they intended to do their outdoor ceremony regardless.  The rain worked out for the better, in our opinion at least.  Mossy forests glow green when they are dampened, distance mountains turn blue, and hovering mist creates a dramatic backdrop, perfectly accentuating Kaylee’s purple hair and white gown, and Travis by her side.

Following some intimate photos in the woods, and by the water, Kaylee and Travis met up with their guests for what would be a hilarious, touching, and memorable reception.  It was evident that their guests and wedding party put a lot of effort into creating speeches, and a slideshow that perfectly represented Kaylee and Travis’ life together.  Even their anime-proposal was printed on their guitar pick favours, a perfect blend of two aspects of their lives.

Congratulations, Kaylee and Travis! We hope you enjoy the photos!

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Stormy Steveston Engagement - Char and Josh

Charlene and Josh Outrun a Storm in Steveston During Their Engagement Photos // Victoria Wedding Photographers

Last week was our first time meeting Charlene and Josh in person.  We got to know a little about their story over a Skype chat a few months ago, and learned about their elaborate and fun proposal.  A day long proposal to be precise.  The day he popped the question, Josh sent Charlene on an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt.  With a friend in tow to document the adventure, Charlene was sent from place to place, from clue to clue, to end up at the Capilano Suspension bridge where Josh was waiting… to trick her with a bracelet.  Later that evening Charlene and Josh met up with family and friends at their church, where Josh proposed (for real) in front of all of them!  We loved the story.  An adventure proposal?!  How amazing is that!  Charlene and Josh sounded like a couple we wanted to get in front of our lenses.

Since Charlene is currently doing her residency in Minnesota, we decided it would be a great opportunity to do their engagement photos when she came back in the summer for a week.  We had a date picked to meet up in Steveston for a candid picnic themed engagement session.  The day we picked was rainy and dark.  All.  Day.  Long.  So, we picked our back-up date and that was it, we would do it rain or shine!  The day rolled around and it seemed we were going to have a little bit of both: rain and shine.  Like troopers, Charlene and Josh braved it all.  When we got to Steveston the sky along the horizon looked promising, but the large black, wet looking cloud above us was threatening.  We walked and talked with Charlene and Josh (and some curious swans), trying to keep ten steps in front of the rain, quite literally.  The looming rain was never able to keep pace, but created such a unique setting for Charlene and Josh’s outing in Steveston.  We’re always so grateful that we get to shoot so many couples who are willing to roll with the punches, and embrace the unknown!  Afterall, that is one thing marriage is all about.

Thanks Charlene and Josh for being so adventurous, we think it totally paid off!  We can’t wait to see what happens on your wedding day, and be there to capture what will surely be an adventure.