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Church and State Winery Wedding with Lindsey and Brent // Victoria Wedding Photographers

Lindsey and Brent's summery September wedding at Church and State Winery on Vancouver Island // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We first met Lindsey and Brent at Victoria's Modern Bride Wedding Show back in January, and have been eagerly awaiting their Church and State wedding since we did their spring time engagement photos. Wow, how time flies!  

Even though their wedding fell on an autumn day, Lindsey and Brent were still treated to summer sunshine.  What could be a more perfect way to start off a summery wedding, than with a private first look between bride and groom, under a willow tree, in front of a duck filled pond, in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria?!  To add a cherry to an already intimate first look, Lindsey and Brent took the time to read each other some very personal and emotional vows, before heading to the ceremony with family and friends. 

Church and State is already a top notch, rave-worthy venue, but throw in the organization and stylings of Borrowed and Blue Events, and you've got an unforgettable atmosphere for a wedding there: equal parts welcoming, breathtaking and intimate.  We always love speech time during weddings because it gives us another little peek through the window into our couple's lives, and Lindsey and Brent's family's opened those windows wide.  We finished off the night as the music cranked louder and these two and their friends left everything on the dancefloor (mostly just a lot of shirts)!

Thanks for having us there to celebrate with you, Lindsey and Brent, we hope you love the photos!

Hastings House Wedding on Salt Spring Island // Kim and Chris

Kim and Chris' gorgeous, hazy, outdoor Salt Spring Island Wedding at Hastings House // Victoria Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers on Vancouver Island, we love the opportunity to island hop to photograph our wonderful couples. We've photographed on Salt Spring Island a few years ago, and just couldn't wait for the opportunity to go back!   When Kim and Chris invited us to photograph their intimate outdoor wedding at Hastings House, we jumped through the ceiling!  

When their day arrived in August, we knew it was going to be a beautiful one. The skies were hazy with forest fire smoke, and glowing with rich orange light.  Anything the sun touched was painted gold and seemed to radiate with warmth. 

With what Kim and Chris had told us about their wedding, we knew it would be a memorable event as well.  Not only do Chris and Kim have amazing chemistry, and the uncanny ability to make each other and others laugh (and laugh often!), they also added many personal touches to make their wedding as intimate and meaningful as possible.  Hastings House happens to be the place where Kim's parents married almost two decades ago.  With Chris' parents coming all the way from Perth, Australia for the wedding, Kim also got Chris' brother to fly in from Hong Kong for the occasion... to surprise Chris a couple days before the wedding. Boom! Excuse us while our hearts explode.  Of course, the wedding wouldn't truly be a "Kim and Chris Wedding" if there weren't a ton of hilarity and quirkiness involved!  From the guys' custom Indochino suits with tropical liners, to Ice-ing their friends at dinner, and Kim Ice-ing Chris during the garter grab, our stomachs hurt from laughing.  We also have to give a very special VIP shout out to Kim's maid of honour, who spotted a bee in Kim's veil as she approached the altar.  Knowing that Kim is allergic to bees, she promptly grabbed the veil and shook out the bee so eagerly that she pulled it clean off her head, saving Kim from a potential epi-pen prick and a trip to the hospital, and effectively breaking the ice for the ceremony by causing an uproar of laughter from everyone! 

We've been so fortunate to photograph so many beautiful weddings of couples who are so deeply connected to each other, the people around them, and have an insatiable lust for life!  We're so grateful when they let it all show on their big day.

Thanks Kim and Chris for having us along to photograph your wedding, and capture all those amazing moments. We hope you love the photos. Here's just a few of our faves!

Westwood Plateau Wedding in Coquitlam // Kerri and Nik

Kerri and Nik's Modern and Regal Coquitlam Wedding at Westwood Plateau Golf Course // Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Remember Kerri and Nik’s winter engagement in Whistler?  While January may feel a long time ago, their session is still so fresh in our minds because of how awesome they were to photograph and hang out with on that chilly, bright, music-filled afternoon.  We had so much fun with them that we were counting down the days to their wedding, when we’d finally get to meet the friends and family they had talked so much about, and see more of their wicked dance moves.

The day finally arrived for their wedding at Westwood Plateau in Coquitlam, and we were practically bouncing!  With their black-tie attire, and their easy-going attitudes, the day went seamlessly and regally - from their traditional church ceremony, their portraits, right up until that very last, (very-cocktail-fueled) photobooth photo printed out.  Their whole bridal party, family, and group of friends seemed to burst with energy and love, and this wedding was jam packed with picture perfect, genuine human connection and moments. It was a celebration full of hugs, happy tears, outrageously funny stories, and even more outrageous laughing. We couldn’t get enough!

Thank you Kerri, Nik, and to your family and friends, for being so genuine, loving and well… a little wild!  We loved capturing these moments for you!

Here's a few highlights from the Photobooth!

Craidelonna OceanEdge Wedding in Sooke - Genny and Dave

Genny and Dave Get Married at Craidelonna Lodge in Sooke // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

When we met Genny and Dave last year, we were excited at the idea of potentially shooting their wedding.  They were sweet, genuine, outdoor-loving, and lived in one of our favourite places to visit in BC, Sooke.  We also learned quickly that Genny and Dave loved fishing, and spending time out on the boat with their daughter, Hannah.  What a better place for a couple of ocean folk to get married than at Craidelonna OceanEdge Lodge, perched right on the edge of a hillside, with panoramic views of the sea, and access to a beautiful ocean beach.  We have always loved weddings at Craidelonna, and feel it's one of the very best wedding venues around Victoria, even on all of Vancouver Island.

When we arrived that day, many people were enjoying the views.  All the men hung around in the crow's nest, overlooking the ocean, chatting, toasting the occasion with tequila, and of course, chiding Dave about how he had to spend a saturday on land.  All the ladies spent time on the lower patio, catching up, drinking wine and admiring Genny's bridal dressing process.  What a beautiful and radiant bride and mom, Genny is.  With her beachy curls and sparkling gown, she could have been a mermaid. 

From the intimate and seemingly isolated location, custom decor, speeches and toasts from friends and family, and service from the warm Craidelonna staff (family, really), Genny and Dave's wedding felt incredibly personal.  Even their caterer, Toque Catering, incorporated Genny and Dave's own fresh caught crab and halibut into their delightful and creative dinner dishes.

Thank you so much, Genny and Dave for inviting us to meet your friends and family, and capture this special day!  We hope you love the photos.

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Overbury Resort Wedding on Thetis Island - Angela and Anuj

Ange and Anuj Host and Intimate Wedding celebration at Overbury Resort on Thetis Island // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We met Angela and Anuj at the wedding of Lindsay and Darren last year.  We got talking about them and their future wedding at Overbury Resort on Thetis Island, and really hit it off.  We were looking forward to sitting down to talk more, two-on-two.  We soon found out it would be a three-on-two meeting, as Ang and Anuj were expecting their baby girl to arrive a few months before the wedding celebration.  We could hardly wait for July to come so that we could travel from Victoria to Thetis Island to celebrate such a momentous time - the arrival of beautiful Ava, and Ang and Anuj's wedding.

When we arrived on the day of their wedding we were greeted by warm weather, a shining sun, lots of Ang and Anuj's closest friends and family - many coming from far and wide to celebrate. The whole day felt like being at a glamourous family reunion, with everyone playing games together, and cooing over babies, at a venue that felt so homey, welcoming and remote.  Part way through the evening, Ange took off her white gown and donned a stunning magenta saree to pay homage to Anuj's Indian heritage.  What a stunning woman! 

Congratulations Angela and Anuj.  Thank you for having us there to be part of your day. Capturing the moments between you, your sweet girl, your family, and friends was such a delight for us! We hope you love the photos.

Thank you for stopping by to check out our wedding photography. If you'd like to know more about our lives in BC, or as Pebble and Pine Photography, Creative and Modern Victoria and Vancouver Island wedding photographers, you can read About Us

Fairmont Pacific Rim and Stanley Park Wedding - Pegah and Kyle

Pegah and Kyle's Western and Persian Wedding at Fairmont Pacific Rim and Stanley Park // BC Wedding Photographers

We were introduced to Pegah and Kyle by Kiri, a fantastic wedding planner at DreamGroup Productions, whom we worked with last year.  Pegah and Kyle travelled to Vancouver to have their wedding at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, and having only spoke to them over Skype earlier in the year, we were excited to meet these two in person!

With a beautifully decorated sofreh, marble pillars, and big bright windows, Pegah and Kyle’s ceremony site was the perfect spot for their intimate first look, before their guests would arrive.  We couldn’t get over the smiles on their faces as they took each other in, and the way they hardly took their eyes off each other for the rest of the day – stealing glances here and there, and whispering to each other during their ceremony.  After a few intimate moments together, we heading over to Stanley Park to take some lakeside photos within the park.  With lily pads, willows, and ducks swimming about, the small lake was the perfect ambience for Kyle and Pegah, who looked like they were a Renoir come to life.

Pegah and Kyle rejoined their wedding party, family, and friends back at the Fairmont to host both a civil and Persian ceremony.  This was our first time photographing a Persian ceremony, which was such an honour.  The intricate details of each item of Pegah and Kyle’s sofreh were easy to admire.  After blessings, singing, and many congratulations, Pegah and Kyle and their guests made their way to the reception for speeches.  We loved getting to be a fly on the wall for the speeches that evening, the traditional knife dance, their shoe games, and of course, their moves on the dance floor.  We are pretty sure that Pegah and Kyle hold the record for having the most guests on the dance floor at one time.  It was evident by their celebrating, that each and every one of Pegah and Kyle’s guests were over-the-moon excited for this couple’s marriage to each other!

Thank you Pegah and Kyle for having us there to join in your special day! Enjoy the photos.