Outdoor Wedding at Prospect Lake Community Hall in Victoria // Kayla and Cole

Kayla and Cole’s sun and sunflower filled outdoor wedding in Brentwood Bay and Prospect Lake Community Hall // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We loved Kayla and Cole from the get go! They were sweet, excited, and filled with love for each other. Cole told us flat out at our first meeting that he was a cryer and we could expect that on the day. Kayla gave us confirmation of that right away with a grin.

We were so excited by the time their wedding day came at Prospect Lake Community Hall . There wedding day was filled with personal touches paying tribute to their story and dynamic, as well as honouring those attending, and those they wished could be there with them.

The shining moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes was watching Kayla and Cole see each other as Kayla walked down the aisle. Cue the waterworks, - left, right and centre. We knew we would be in for a day filled with emotion. From their emotional outdoor ceremony in the lawn and gardens, to their photos in Brentwood Bay, we couldn’t get enough of Kayla and Cole’s gorgeous day.

Here are a few favourites!