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Intimate Wedding at Wild Renfrew and Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew // Holly and Alessandro

Holly and Alessandro host their nearest and dearest at Wild Renfrew for their wild and intimate Botany Beach Wedding Ceremony // Victoria Wedding Photographers

Since moving to Sooke on Vancouver Island a couple years , Port Renfrew quickly became one of our (if not our most) very favourite places.  A quiet, rugged, wild, and mysterious pocket of coast line takes the breath away of every visitor. Winter storms are dramatic, wildlife is abundant, and the landscape is humbling. Our first trip there was a cold and grey November day as huge green waves crashed against layers of black angular lava rock. Like liquid glass colliding against a book of razors. We could only stand there and stare, mouths agape. Just around a bend from there, a short hike through twisted cedars, sitkas and firs, is a smooth refuge of flat beach, sheltered from ocean winds and pock marked by tide pools that teem with sea life.  One doesn't need to wonder why Holly and Alessandro, geologists, would choose this on all places to host their family for their intimate wedding. 

Holly and Ale got ready for their day at the Wild Renfrew cabins, overlooking the Port of San Juan, and mountains filled with new and ancient growth forests.  As a small group, their friends and family walked down to Botany Bay and gathered closely for their ceremony officiated by an inviting and humourous  Port Renfrew local Reet Buckler.  Eagles soared overhead, sea lions played in the kelp bed, and waves crashed rhythmically on the rocks.  After the ceremony and champagne, we stole away with Holly and Ale to explore the coast more for some adventurous portraits.

Thank Holly and Ale for having us there to be a part of your beautiful, natural, an intimate day. We hope you love the photos!

Prestige Oceanfront Resort Wedding in Sooke // Candice and Mike

Candice and Mike's rainy west coast outdoor wedding at Prestige Oceanfront Resort in Sooke // Victoria Wedding Photographers

When people think of the west coast, they often think "wet coast", which is veeeerry accurate during the fall, winter, and spring months.  Candice and Mike's wedding was so iconic west coast that it couldn't have been staged better: a couple who loves adventure and travel (check), an outdoor oceanfront ceremony (check), views of towering trees, a low fog settling over the Olympic mountain range (check), an eagle soaring overhead (check), and of course, a warm spring rain (check!!).  That's the great thing about a wedding at The Prestige, you get a taste of everything! It's one of the reasons Matt and I love living in Sooke so much too!

Candice, Mike and their guests embraced everything wet coast and were all smiles and laughs during their outdoor ceremony, cocktails, and pebbly beach portraits. The laughter and fun continued at their indoor reception with speeches, dancing and a whole lot of fun in the photobooth!

Thanks so much, Candice and Mike for having us there to celebrate with you! We hope you love the photos!

Meghan & Jeff's Wedding at The Prestige Oceanfront Resort in Sooke

It's been a while since we shot a wedding in our own town of Sooke!  It's a hidden gem for outdoor, destination-style wedding venues, with a plethora of great places to experience, if you're the adventurous outdoorsy type.  Just one of the many reasons we love it so much!  For Meghan and Jeff, it was perfect place to host their wedding! 

Meghan and Jeff met up in Kitimat when Meghan started a career with the RCMP there.  They've since moved to Vancouver Island and built a house right here in Sooke!  Their wedding day, planned by the unbelievably talented Emma McCormick, was held at Prestige OceanFront Resort and was filled to the brim with personal touches.  Meghan's father, also RCMP, walked her down the aisle in his red serge uniform. Meghan donned her own boots for a while.  Pictures capturing Meghan and Jeff's relationship filled the entry-ways, a ping pong table was set up for guests to enjoy.  They had special guests "serenade" them with a hockey-themed wedding song. They were even presented a custom stained glass window made by Meghan's father.  For pictures, we stopped by Whiffin Spit, and then swung by Meghan and Jeff's about-to-be-completed home and snuck inside for some photos together.

We really loved being a part of Meghan and Jeff's day, meeting their friends and family from all over the country, and capturing so many special moments. And especially loved watching all their friends get wild in our photobooth!

Thank you to Meghan and Jeff for having us there, we hope you love and cherish these photos!

Craidelonna OceanEdge Wedding in Sooke - Genny and Dave

Genny and Dave Get Married at Craidelonna Lodge in Sooke // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

When we met Genny and Dave last year, we were excited at the idea of potentially shooting their wedding.  They were sweet, genuine, outdoor-loving, and lived in one of our favourite places to visit in BC, Sooke.  We also learned quickly that Genny and Dave loved fishing, and spending time out on the boat with their daughter, Hannah.  What a better place for a couple of ocean folk to get married than at Craidelonna OceanEdge Lodge, perched right on the edge of a hillside, with panoramic views of the sea, and access to a beautiful ocean beach.  We have always loved weddings at Craidelonna, and feel it's one of the very best wedding venues around Victoria, even on all of Vancouver Island.

When we arrived that day, many people were enjoying the views.  All the men hung around in the crow's nest, overlooking the ocean, chatting, toasting the occasion with tequila, and of course, chiding Dave about how he had to spend a saturday on land.  All the ladies spent time on the lower patio, catching up, drinking wine and admiring Genny's bridal dressing process.  What a beautiful and radiant bride and mom, Genny is.  With her beachy curls and sparkling gown, she could have been a mermaid. 

From the intimate and seemingly isolated location, custom decor, speeches and toasts from friends and family, and service from the warm Craidelonna staff (family, really), Genny and Dave's wedding felt incredibly personal.  Even their caterer, Toque Catering, incorporated Genny and Dave's own fresh caught crab and halibut into their delightful and creative dinner dishes.

Thank you so much, Genny and Dave for inviting us to meet your friends and family, and capture this special day!  We hope you love the photos.

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Outdoor Rainforest Wedding in Kitimat BC - Kaylee and Travis

Kaylee and Travis Get Married in The Mossy Forest in Kitimat at Minette Bay // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We took a trip up to Kitimat, BC recently to visit Matt’s hometown roots, and to shoot two very beautiful weddings.  Kaylee and Travis were one of our couples that week, and their story is one we truly love.   Kaylee spied Travis for the first time while he was playing a gig with his band.  She told us that the minute she saw Travis’ cape dangling from his shoulders while he was up on stage, she knew he was someone she wanted to know.  It wasn’t a surprise that Travis’ outgoing personality would draw Kaylee’s attention, since she has been a long time lover of cosplay, and has an astonishing gift for creating costumes.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that Travis proposed to Kaylee, in costume, at an Anime Revolution convention.

On the day of the wedding, with the threatening rain, Kaylee and Travis were calm and casual.  The rain didn’t bother them, and they intended to do their outdoor ceremony regardless.  The rain worked out for the better, in our opinion at least.  Mossy forests glow green when they are dampened, distance mountains turn blue, and hovering mist creates a dramatic backdrop, perfectly accentuating Kaylee’s purple hair and white gown, and Travis by her side.

Following some intimate photos in the woods, and by the water, Kaylee and Travis met up with their guests for what would be a hilarious, touching, and memorable reception.  It was evident that their guests and wedding party put a lot of effort into creating speeches, and a slideshow that perfectly represented Kaylee and Travis’ life together.  Even their anime-proposal was printed on their guitar pick favours, a perfect blend of two aspects of their lives.

Congratulations, Kaylee and Travis! We hope you enjoy the photos!

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Outdoor Wedding in East Sooke - Kristen and Chris

Kristen and Chris are two amazing people…the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen!  We had so much fun at their ridiculously awesome DIY wedding on their property in East Sooke, BC.   We had no idea what a gorgeous area that is…we were blown away by the beautiful beachscapes!   The amount of time and effort put into building their wedding site, and the attention to detail were equally mind-blowing.  This is a true inspiration to anyone looking to do their wedding their own way.  I think I may have selected a LOT of photos to share from this one, but there were just so many cool details it was hard not to.  Enjoy the photos!

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Craidelonna Lodge Wedding in Sooke - Lindsey and Mike

Lindsey and Mike's Outdoor Beach Wedding at Craidelonna Ocean Edge Lodge in Sooke BC // Victoria Wedding Photographers

I love travelling for my photography, and jump at pretty much every opportunity that I get to do it. When Mike and Lindsey contacted me about shooting their wedding at the Craidelonna Oceanside Lodge, I was pretty excited because it looked like just an amazing location on the water.  Located near Sooke, BC it was a great opportunity to go spend some time on Vancouver Island. I love coastal BC!

When I got to the lodge I was immediately stoked on the location!  It was so picturesque and well landscaped.  My excitement over photographing this wedding was compounded again when I saw the care that had gone into the decor of the wedding. Lindsey’s attention to detail with her place settings and general decor was amazing, and matched the overall flavour of the lodge so well.  Combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings, we were able to get some beautiful shots.  Hope you enjoy them!