Outdoor Rainforest Wedding in Kitimat BC - Kaylee and Travis

Kaylee and Travis Get Married in The Mossy Forest in Kitimat at Minette Bay // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We took a trip up to Kitimat, BC recently to visit Matt’s hometown roots, and to shoot two very beautiful weddings.  Kaylee and Travis were one of our couples that week, and their story is one we truly love.   Kaylee spied Travis for the first time while he was playing a gig with his band.  She told us that the minute she saw Travis’ cape dangling from his shoulders while he was up on stage, she knew he was someone she wanted to know.  It wasn’t a surprise that Travis’ outgoing personality would draw Kaylee’s attention, since she has been a long time lover of cosplay, and has an astonishing gift for creating costumes.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that Travis proposed to Kaylee, in costume, at an Anime Revolution convention.

On the day of the wedding, with the threatening rain, Kaylee and Travis were calm and casual.  The rain didn’t bother them, and they intended to do their outdoor ceremony regardless.  The rain worked out for the better, in our opinion at least.  Mossy forests glow green when they are dampened, distance mountains turn blue, and hovering mist creates a dramatic backdrop, perfectly accentuating Kaylee’s purple hair and white gown, and Travis by her side.

Following some intimate photos in the woods, and by the water, Kaylee and Travis met up with their guests for what would be a hilarious, touching, and memorable reception.  It was evident that their guests and wedding party put a lot of effort into creating speeches, and a slideshow that perfectly represented Kaylee and Travis’ life together.  Even their anime-proposal was printed on their guitar pick favours, a perfect blend of two aspects of their lives.

Congratulations, Kaylee and Travis! We hope you enjoy the photos!

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