Vancouver Elopement at Spanish Banks - Elizabeth and Doug

Elizabeth and Doug Elope at Spanish Banks in Vancouver // BC Wedding Photographers

It's not every day that we get to shoot an elopement on the beach right here in Vancouver!  While the idea of eloping may bring visions of Mexico or Costa Rica, for Elizabeth and Doug the beach of choice was Vancouver's own Spanish Banks.  Beautiful in its own right, with views to the mountains and city, it made the perfect backdrop for them to get married with only their moms and a marriage commissioner present.  As they said their "I do's", the hubbub of action at low tide continued around them, complete with a couple dogs who were keen to say hi and see what we were up to.  

Elizabeth and Doug were considerate enough to bring a cupcake for the marriage commissioner as it was also his birthday that day!  After signing papers on their backs, a bit of celebratory champagne for all, this adventurous couple splashed around for some fun portraits.  What an awesome day to capture this elopement at Spanish Banks.  Thanks again, Elizabeth & Doug!

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