Travel Photography - Exploring the PNW Coastline with a Kiwi

Hey all, Matt here!  I figured I'd share a bit of a personal/travel blog.  This past August, we found ourselves with a rare weekend off.  You need to understand that, as wedding photographers, a weekend off in August is a bit of a holy grail. It's typically one of our busiest months....a month that we rarely see friends or family, and spend most our days (aside from Saturdays, where we're shooting), with our faces illuminated by a computer screen.  

So special an occasion was this August weekend off, that a good friend of mine from New Zealand decided he better take the opportunity to come experience a Canadian summer, and hopped a plane for a visit. Having previously only experienced Canada in the winter, Larryn's impression up until now from travels through BC was similar to the clichés......snow and cold, fireplaces, igloos.  

Upon Larryn's arrival in our hometown of Sooke, I set about showing him everything that makes this area so beautiful.  Larryn is a talented photographer himself, specializing in astro photography and landscapes, so we set out to capture as much of the beauty of the places we visited as we could!  

It was also fortuitous that the Total Eclipse happened to fall during his visit (totally unplanned), so we decided to travel down to the "Zone of Totality" in Oregon to experience it firsthand.  Pretty amazing!  Definitely have it in the calendar for next time.

Below are a selection of my photos from the trip.  For the photo geeks out there, these photos are a mix of shots from a Nikon D750, Canon M3, Mavic Pro Drone, and of course the trusty ol' iPhone. 

I also took the opportunity to shoot some drone footage of the areas we visited.  I'm far from an expert video editor (or drone pilot, at this point), but check out the video below for a taste!

All in all it was a pretty awesome trip, and I was glad for the opportunity to take a short rare summer trip during our busy part of the year!  Showing an international friend around also gives you some fresh perspective on places you've been before, and I definitely learned a few things about photography from him as well!  I look forward to trying some more astro photography in the future.  Please make sure to check out Larryn's work as well, and for more of our landscape work, check out our gallery here!  

Oak Bay Beach Hotel Wedding with Kristi & Kyle // Victoria Wedding Photographers

Kristi and Kyle's steamy, sunny September wedding at Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria BC // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

Just like usual, September is our busiest of all the busy months for weddings and photo sessions!  We started the month with a bang, photographing Kristi and Kyle's wedding at Oak Bay Beach Hotel, which was organized to stunning perfection by Anouk of Persimmon Tree Events.
Since their Mystic Beach engagement session in April, we've been counting down the months until we'd get to photograph Kristi and Kyle again, this time on their wedding day!  We were treated with a warm sun, welcoming family members, a wicked cool bridal party, and of course, Kristi and Kyle's undeniable chemistry.

We love to be flies on the wall at wedding receptions and watch as family members see each other for the first time in a while, as strangers become friends, and as everyone celebrates the love between a special couple.  With Kristi's family from the very far west coast of Canada, and Kyle's family from the very are east coast of Canada, we were delighted to float around the reception and hear all the happy chatter, in mixed west and east coast accents, and to watch a blend of wedding traditions from both sides of the country.  One such tradition came in form of a very east coast bottle of Screech Rum.  You just cringed, we heard it.  We tried our best to hold our cameras steady while laughing at the polar opposite reactions between the west coasters and the east coasters after after the shot: pure poison to the westerners, the taste of home to the easterners, dance floor fuel to all!

Thanks Kristi and Kyle for having us there to share and photograph your amazing wedding! You're so fun to work with. We hope you love the photos! 

Lighthouse Park Maternity Photo Session in West Van // Lindsay and Darren

Lindsay and Darren explore Lighthouse Park during their maternity photo session in West Vancouver // Vancouver Island Maternity Photographers

Having photographed weddings for half a decade, we've gotten to know, and celebrated with so many amazing couples over the years.  We always love the opportunity to meet up with them again after their wedding to see how life has changed for them since they said their vows.  For Lindsay and Darren, much has changed in the two years since their Victoria wedding at Church and State Winery. One of those changes will come in the form of parenthood!  When they told us the news we were sooo overjoyed for them, not just because their baby is due just shy of a month before ours and we're super-duper biased, but because we think they'll make the most wonderful, caring, silly, and down to earth parents for a little human.  It was even more exciting when they asked us if we'd capture this little moment in time, to celebrate such a huge life milestone, and the adventure to come.  Oooobviously we were dying to it!

We met up in West Vancouver to explore the cliffs of Lighthouse Park, wandering around in the space between the glassy ocean and the blanketed sky.  We spent some time catching up on everything from the past two years, people watching, admiring the climbers, and holding our breath during those moments the sun rays fanned out through cracks in the clouds. 

Thanks Lindsay and Darren for letting us capture this special time!  We can't wait for you to meet your little one, and to become the awesome parents we know you'll be!