Outdoor Wedding at Prospect Lake Community Hall in Victoria // Kayla and Cole

Kayla and Cole’s sun and sunflower filled outdoor wedding in Brentwood Bay and Prospect Lake Community Hall // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We loved Kayla and Cole from the get go! They were sweet, excited, and filled with love for each other. Cole told us flat out at our first meeting that he was a cryer and we could expect that on the day. Kayla gave us confirmation of that right away with a grin.

We were so excited by the time their wedding day came at Prospect Lake Community Hall . There wedding day was filled with personal touches paying tribute to their story and dynamic, as well as honouring those attending, and those they wished could be there with them.

The shining moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes was watching Kayla and Cole see each other as Kayla walked down the aisle. Cue the waterworks, - left, right and centre. We knew we would be in for a day filled with emotion. From their emotional outdoor ceremony in the lawn and gardens, to their photos in Brentwood Bay, we couldn’t get enough of Kayla and Cole’s gorgeous day.

Here are a few favourites!

A Sunset Clifftop Proposal on Vancouver Island // Victoria Wedding Photographers

One of our favourite things to do is capture the moment of a proposal! Schaeffer contacted us about his plans to travel to Vancouver Island from Wisconsin with his girlfriend Alexis, hoping to propose to her at a beautiful waterfront location at their Airbnb just outside Sooke. We had an awesome time coordinating with him the best spot for him to get down on one knee! Hiding discreetly nearby in the woods, we were able to capture the big moment where he popped the question. Following her emphatic YES, we revealed that we were photographing it, and we continued with a few impromptu portraits just before the sun set. Congrats to you both, it was such a beautiful evening to get engaged!

Goldstream Waterfall Elopement with Katie & Steven // Victoria Wedding Photographers

Katie and Steven come from the UK to elope in Victoria near a waterfall in Goldstream Regional Park // Vancouver Island Wedding Photographers

Who says weddings are for Saturdays only? Who says you have to wear a wedding dress and tux? We love a good Thursday afternoon elopement in the woods! And that’s exactly what Katie and Steven had planned. It felt so fly off the cuff like a true elopement in the movies would: running to a far off place, absconding into the woods in their favourite outfits, grinning and beaming at each other in a romantic whirlwind ceremony in front of a waterfall with no one else around. I mean, aside from their officiant and their photographers.

Here are a few of our favourites from Katie and Steven’s elopement at Goldstream Regional Park.

Mount Washington Wedding on Vancouver Island // Jessica and Jordan

Jessica and Jordan’s mountain top celebration at the Alpine Resort at Mount Washington in Comox // Victoria Wedding Photographers

The last time we saw Jessica and Jordan it was for their engagement session in Metchosin. We couldn’t wait to catch up and hit the slopes with them on their wedding day at Mount Washington. Both of them were getting ready at a lodge on the mountain and it was such a fitting place! The girls took over the upstairs, and the guys took over downstairs. The whole lodge was bubbling with laughter and excitement - and a lot of pushups by the girls upstairs! Sleeveless bridesmaids dresses for the best movement of course!

The excitement spilled over into the scenic outdoor ceremony location as guests started to arrive. Whether they were locals, or out-of-towners, all of Jessica and Jordan’s guests were treated to stunning mountain views the entire day. The fog and mist rolling in just added to the remote feeling and intimacy!

After their ceremony we trekked up the chairlift for an even higher view and some alone time with Jess and Jordan and their bridal party. Wow wow wow. We will never forget that experience.

At the ceremony, we enjoyed heartfelt and funny speeches, dancing and some photobooth action!

Check out a few of our favourites!

Wedding at North Saanich Yacht Club Vancouver Island // Samantha and Chris

Samantha and Chris’ beautiful outdoor, oceanfront wedding at the North Saanich Yacht Club // Victoria Wedding Photographers

We love being around Samantha and Chris! They have an uplifting and infectious energy that’s impossible to ignore. They make each other laugh constantly, they communicate with each other just with their eyes, and are obviously very connected. After their engagement session at Lone Tree Hill, we could not wait for their wedding in Saanich - we knew their friends and family would all be just as funny, sweet and connected as they are. And we were so right!

We loved everything about their intimate wedding and how it focused so much on love and the importance of celebrating close relationships. Sam made personalized photo albums for her each of her girls, they made sure to take time for each other, to chat and play games with all of their guests, and had very beautiful heartfelt vows and speeches, then partying in our photobooth. their venue North Saanich Yacht Club was intimate and felt like we were going remote! We could not get over how sweet it was during the vows when Chris reached out to wipe tears from Sam’s cheek. What a beautiful day spent by the ocean!

Holy Moly! 2018 Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards - (Winners!!)

2018 Vancouver Island Wedding Awards winners of Best Overall Wedding Photographers, Best Candid Photo, and Best Group Photo! Wew wew!

We clean up alright.

We clean up alright.

We’ve been living on Vancouver Island for about 2 and a half years now, and it’s been such an amazing experience. Matt was raised in a small town in northern BC, and Sayde grew up in the country in Southern Ontario, so needless to say: small town island life suits us very well!

Aside from the laid back, outdoor lifestyle of Island life, we’ve fallen in love with the community here. The wedding industry community most of all! Even though there are sooo many talented wedding vendors in Victoria area, and all over Vancouver Island, there is a huge sense of support, encouragement, and inclusiveness.

Every year talented wedding industry professionals gather to celebrate the year, enjoy a night out, and indulge in delicious food and drinks at the Vancouver Island Wedding Awards! As the day of the awards drew closer we got more and more excited to enjoy our first date night in 10 months. This year was our first year attending the awards show, and we could not have been more excited to see and mingle with all the vendors we’ve gotten to know.

As parenthood, self employment, and a career in the wedding industry have taught us: things don’t always go according to plan and you need to adapt and roll with it! Half way through the evening parenthood duty popped up I had to leave quickly to pick up our sick babe at the sitter, leaving Matt solo for the awards half of the evening.

I spent the rest of the night driving around to soundly keep our daughter asleep, until it came time to pick up Matt. A heavy armed Matt walked out to the car carrying three white boxes, three bottles of wine, and three envelopes. At first I thought maybe we won some door prizes, until Matt opened each box which housed a glass diamond: Best Candid Photo, Best Group Photo, and Best Overall Wedding Photographer. I ALMOST FELL OVER! Matt also told me that we also placed as finalists for Best Wedding Couple Photo and Best Engagement Photo.


I was instantly emotional for so many reasons..

This year was our wildest year so far; personally and in business! We welcomed our first baby in January, have had more weddings, and more travel than any year to date! This year of baby-obsession, challenges, lessons, excitement, and perseverance-through-sleep-deprivation has been our most fulfilling year, but in the haze of business its easy to second guess yourself and wonder if you’re doing the best job that you could be. Happy clients who love and cherish their photos is what we live and work so hard for as business owners, and these awards feel great to have acknowledgement that our photographs, perspectives, and creativity is translating with clients, other wedding professionals, and other creatives.

We’re so thankful to have the best, trusting clients! We can’t wait to finally have the time in our slower season to start posting more of the blogs from their weddings this year. Until then, here are our winning images!

2018 Winners of the “Best Candid Photo”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Candid Photo” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Group Photo”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Group Photo” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Finalist for “Best Couple Photo”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Finalist for “Best Couple Photo” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Finalist for “Best Engagement Photo”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Finalist for “Best Engagement Photo” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

For the “best overall wedding photographers” category, there isn’t any single image alone that wins this title…it’s more an assessment of the total of the work you produce, so for this photo we have simply chosen a few images as figureheads to represent the award. They are also some of our favourites of the year!

2018 Winners of the “Best Overall Wedding Photographers”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Overall Wedding Photographers” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Overall Wedding Photographers”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Overall Wedding Photographers” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Overall Wedding Photographers”  award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

2018 Winners of the “Best Overall Wedding Photographers” award from the Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards

Matt had to accept the awards on his own since I was gone with our sicky babe, but I think he brought enough personality to the winners’ photobooth for the two of us!

We hope you love the images, and please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your wedding day photography, or anything else!

A Sunny Next Day Wedding Portrait Session at Pitt Lake // Mel and Matt

Melanie and Matt explore Pitt Lake during their wedding portrait session in Pitt Meadows // Victoria Wedding Photographers

If you saw our blogs of Melanie and Matt's engagement session and wedding, you know how both featured Mel and Matt smiling and celebrating through some very heavy rain. West coast, wet coast!  Sure, it's fun to dance in the rain, but it's also nice to celebrate love in the sun and warmth.  When the opportunity came to do a portrait session with Mel and Matt again at Pitt lake in the summer, we jumped on it!  We loooove "next day shoots" (well, for Mel and Matt it was more of a "next season" shoot"), when the couple dresses up in their wedding attire and heads out for another portrait season.  It means we can spend time with them without the constraints of timeline, pressure to return to guests, and more freedom to pick days and times where the weather might be more favourable and the light is just right.  What a day we picked for Mel and Matt, the weather was the complete opposite, the location was just as gorgeous as their wedding location, and Mel and Matt were looking as stunning as ever!

Here are some of our favourites:

Sunset Engagement Session at Sandcut Beach // Elizabeth & Will

Victoria Wedding Photographers // Exploring the rocky Sandcut Beach on Highway 14. 

Fewer things in this world are nicer than a Westcoast sunset at the beach, so when Elizabeth and Will suggested doing their engagement session at Sandcut Beach, just north of Sooke, we were all about it!  It's become one of our favourite island spots since moving over from the mainland. 

The walk down to the beach crosses over boardwalks through mossy forest, through tunnels of enormous west coast trees, up root-covered hills, and finally, descends down a staircase that emerges onto a beach covered in large rocks.  As the waves lap at the shore you can hear the peaceful repetitive chatter of the stones rolling out with the waves. 

This evening at the beach was no exception to the beauty we've come to know of Vancouver Island's west coast beaches. Elizabeth and Will wandered the beach hand in hand, traipsing over rocks and logs, up onto waterfall ledges, and basically anywhere I pointed.  We love adventurous couples!  The waterfall was a bit low on water, but it gave us the opportunity to explore the river pools and grooves in the rocks up above the falls.

We ended the shoot just as the sun dipped below the horizon, heading back into the dark trail to the parking lot.  It was an awesome evening!  Thanks, Liz & Will! 

Intimate Wedding at Wild Renfrew and Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew // Holly and Alessandro

Holly and Alessandro host their nearest and dearest at Wild Renfrew for their wild and intimate Botany Beach Wedding Ceremony // Victoria Wedding Photographers

Since moving to Sooke on Vancouver Island a couple years , Port Renfrew quickly became one of our (if not our most) very favourite places.  A quiet, rugged, wild, and mysterious pocket of coast line takes the breath away of every visitor. Winter storms are dramatic, wildlife is abundant, and the landscape is humbling. Our first trip there was a cold and grey November day as huge green waves crashed against layers of black angular lava rock. Like liquid glass colliding against a book of razors. We could only stand there and stare, mouths agape. Just around a bend from there, a short hike through twisted cedars, sitkas and firs, is a smooth refuge of flat beach, sheltered from ocean winds and pock marked by tide pools that teem with sea life.  One doesn't need to wonder why Holly and Alessandro, geologists, would choose this on all places to host their family for their intimate wedding. 

Holly and Ale got ready for their day at the Wild Renfrew cabins, overlooking the Port of San Juan, and mountains filled with new and ancient growth forests.  As a small group, their friends and family walked down to Botany Bay and gathered closely for their ceremony officiated by an inviting and humourous  Port Renfrew local Reet Buckler.  Eagles soared overhead, sea lions played in the kelp bed, and waves crashed rhythmically on the rocks.  After the ceremony and champagne, we stole away with Holly and Ale to explore the coast more for some adventurous portraits.

Thank Holly and Ale for having us there to be a part of your beautiful, natural, an intimate day. We hope you love the photos!