A Gastown Engagement Session - Justine and Devon

Justine and Devon's Flirty Romp Around Gastown During their Engagement Session in Downtown Vancouver // BC Wedding Photographers

Time for a switch up!  If you follow our photography, you know we shoot a lot on pebbly beaches, on island cliffs, in the great woods, and in grassy fields. It was about time we showed you what we can do in the glass jungle of Vancouver.  What a more perfect couple than Justine and Devon, who love city vibes, and will be getting married downtown this year.

We met up with Justine and Devon on a gorgeous evening, just outside of Gastown, to start their engagement session.  We wove through the neighbourhood of cobblestone streets and decorated alleys, pausing here and there to capture sweet and quiet moments of Justine and Devon together.  We finished off down by the ocean with a romantic stroll through Crab Park, with views of moonlit mountains, and the city lights twinkling like stars behind them.

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