Sayde's Favourite 15 Highlight Images from 2015

As we welcome a new year, and look forward to all the engagements and weddings coming our way (our own included), it’s fun to look back at how eventful 2015 was for us!  It was a year of firsts, as we shot our first Persian and Indian ceremonies, our very first and very special maternity shoot, and introduced our raucous PebbleBooth.  We travelled north for weddings in Kitimat, west for weddings all over Vancouver Island, south to Portland for leisure, and east to Ontario for visiting loved ones.  2015 also marks a year where I got to flex more of my photography muscles as I took on my role as second shooter, after a couple years in a mostly assisting role.

In this post, I’ll write about a lot of the highlights for me this year as a wedding photographer, share some of my favourite shots, and talk about moments in wedding days that stood out for me.  Narrowing this list to 15 highlights was a bit agonizing, because I can picture about 200 highlights I would love to blab about, from every single shoot we did this year!   Thanks to all the amazing couples who trusted us so graciously with capturing their story, you were all so fantastic!

So, without further adieu:


BONUS Highlight!!
I get a bonus because I said so. Since this isn’t a wedding or engagement photo, it doesn’t count as a “Fave 15 Wedding and Engagement Highlights” and therefore is it’s own category and is being included.   This is a shot from our maternity session with Andrea and Eddie, my soon-to-be in-laws.  This session was definitely a highlight for the year for a few reasons.  If you’re from Vancouver you probably will recognize this area as Whytecliff Park. It’s called Whytecliff a reason.  Yes, that’s right, a then-8-month-pregnant Andrea poised herself gracefully on the edge of the cliff for us to capture this semi-silhouetted photo of her, with the setting sun softly highlighting her baby bump.  The low light, her gentle smile, and the smooth ocean, to me, seem to just set a very peaceful mood in this image.

Thanks for having a look at a few of my favourite highlights! I’m really looking forward to all the memories to be made in 2016!

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