// Iceland Elopement Photography //

Our Iceland adventure is getting close!!  The time has passed so fast, and we are now only a few short weeks away from your Iceland elopement.

We are so excited to be going on this awesome adventure together in Iceland!  With it coming up soon, we thought this was a great time to touch base and go over some details and logistics.  So without further adieu, scroll down for some information and things to think about below!



Iceland in October can be unpredictable.  We've heard it can be similar to Canada, and that layers are the best way to dress. But we've also heard it can become very chilly, and unpredictable, especially with the wind considerations.  The great thing about the weather at this time of year is it can create very dramatic landscapes and skies! So it's great for memorable photography!!  If it does end up being chillier on the day of your elopement, you'll want to make sure to keep warm!  Here are last year's temperatures and also historical averages for the last two weeks of October in Reykjavik:





If you'd like to look even further into weather patterns in Iceland, you can follow this link for even more information.  

So we've got some tips for you to keep warm during your photography in Iceland!


  1. Footwear :
    This is one we talk to all our brides about, since there is quite a bit of walking involved on a wedding day, and will definitely apply for Iceland.  We recommend bringing along a second or even third pair of shoes in addition to your "wedding" shoes.  Heels can be tough to walk in when going off a road or sidewalk, so having a pair of shoes that are warmer, and with better grip are the best idea for keeping safe, comfy, and warm.  Then, once you're into a great photo spot, we can help you switch into your dressy shoes if you plan on wearing something like that! Some brides skip the heels all together since shoes are often hidden under a dress, but we'll leave that totally up to you!
  2. Leggings: 
    We want you to look great on your day, but we also want you to be comfortable in cold weather.  During some of our winter weddings, brides will throw a skin coloured pair of leggings on under their gown just for an extra, thin layer of warmth especially for those times that we travel from spot to spot, or as the day turns into evening. If the weather is biting, it's not a bad idea just to have a pair on hand. Plus, like the shoes, we can always taken them off on location.
  3. Jacket or Shawl:
    While you may be bringing a heavy jacket to keep warm,  you may also want to have something warm that you are happy to be photographed in!  If it's warm enough we will of course shoot without the shawl on, but it's good to account for unknown weather, especially dipping into the evening hours. We've made a Pinterest board with some examples of what other brides have brought along for warmth. You'll want to choose something with complimentary colours to the bouquet you are using!
  4. Earmuffs:
    If your ears tend to get cold in the fall months, you may want to consider a little pair of earmuffs to keep from getting an ear ache between locations and photos.  Earmuffs are great because unlike a toque, they'll still keep your hair looking super awesome.  Sayde will bring along hairspray, bobby-pins, and a hand mirror incase you want to do any hair or makeup touchups through the day!


  1. Footwear :
    While dress shoes always look sharp on a gentleman, we know they do have one downside: they are often very slick on the bottom!  If you don't have a pair of dress shoes with amazing grip, we highly recommend bringing along a pair of shoes that do, since we'll have you walking around and exploring all kinds of terrain. 
  2. Long Underwear: 
    This one is up to you, since Iceland's fall weather can either be mild or windy. It may not be cold enough that you'll need them, bt if it is cold, you might be happy to have some along to throw on under your handsome groom attire!
  3. Jacket:
    Depending on what you plan to wear up top, if it's cold out, you may want to also bring along a jacket that photographs nicely, such as a nice peacoat.  We've created a Pinterest board of examples for this as well.

These are all just few little suggestions we have after shooting weddings in all kinds of weather.  We still want you to dress how you feel the most amazing, and be comfortable through the day, so only consider the tips that seem best for you!


Bouquets and Boutonnières

As mentioned in our initial post about Iceland, we are providing a selection of bouquets and boutonnières for you to choose from!  We have made 3 bouquets in varying styles, and 4 matched boutonnières (one boutonnière is a special request by one of you!  Here are the options:

1. Modern and Contrasty: Burgundy, blush, cream and dusty green florals with copper and gold stem wrap accents. 

1. Modern and Contrasty: Burgundy, blush, cream and dusty green florals with copper and gold stem wrap accents. 

2.  Classic and Romantic: Creams and Green flora, with metal stem wrap accents.

2.  Classic and Romantic: Creams and Green flora, with metal stem wrap accents.

3.  Bright and Autumny: Sunset coloured roses, blues, oranges, and whites, with a sprig of gold wheat. White stem wrap accent.

3.  Bright and Autumny: Sunset coloured roses, blues, oranges, and whites, with a sprig of gold wheat. White stem wrap accent.


Are you doing your official legal ceremony in Iceland?  If you have hired a wedding officiant to conduct the ceremony on the day we are photographing you, it's important to find out if they have any limitations on their travel, how adventurous they will get, and how much of their time you have hired!  

Please let us know if you have hired an officiant that has any restrictions or limitations, as this will of course effect the location at which we can photograph your ceremony.  The good news is, Iceland is pretty spectacular no matter where the ceremony ends up located!


We will be back in Reykjavik on October 20th, and would love to meet with you on that day (if you are in the country by then) to finalize all of the details of your big day!   We will be staying in an AirBNB at the location below, and can easily meet up at a coffee shop, at your accomodation, or by ours here:


The address of where we will be staying in Reykjavik is:  

Furugrund 77, Kópavogur, Iceland

As we've previously discussed, we will be in Iceland prior to your arrival and will spend some time location scouting and getting to know the areas!  We'll choose some great locations that we think will really suit some beautiful wedding photography.  Ultimately where we decide to go will be a team effort between you and us, but we will definitely provide some options for you choose from.  When we meet up we will present you with photos of all the places that we've been, and we'll figure out what will work best!

Where To Go?

You'll probably have some time to check out Iceland outside of our photography day.  You may be trying to figure out some great places to go and ways to spend your time, so we thought we would share one of the BEST resources we have found out there!  It's a website called Guide To Iceland, and it is awesome!   It has everything from driving itineraries for certain lengths of time through to a lot of "best of" lists!  Definitely check it out.

So that's all for now guys!  Please let us know if you have any additional questions that aren't covered on this post!  We're in this big adventure together, and it's going to be pretty amazing!